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Updated: Jul 29, 2020

Welcome to My Beauty Blog! We're kicking things off with some thoughts from the My Beauty Doctor team on everything from self-care to cosmetic injectables. So, without further ado, allow us to introduce ourselves.

Dr. Leah Smith, MD

Founder & Medical Director

What makes MBD different?

1. I created My Beauty Doctor out of my own frustrations with the Aesthetic Medicine industry. I have yet to find a practice that checked all my boxes so I decided to build it myself!

2. I wanted a physician-led practice where the doctor was on-site and very involved. Not to say doctors are better injectors than other delegates but I wanted to know the person injecting my face had as much if not more education than me.

3. I also personally tend to prefer a female doctor whether it is my gynecologist or my medical aesthetician. This is not founded in my thinking women are superior, it is purely from a place of wanting to support other women in medicine. The industry is still heavily male dominant and I think there is room to level the playing field.

4. I wanted a space that felt safe. I’ve had experiences where I have gone in for a consult feeling pretty good about myself and have left with recommendations for a new nose, a more contoured chin, 5K in laser treatments with a side of 10K in surgery. I left feeling poor, depressed and self-conscious. THIS IS NEVER ALLOWED AT MBD. We will give our recommendations and work with you on budgeting, but you should never feel inadequate before during or after any medical encounter.

5. I was always frustrated with the culture of denial and stigma around medical aesthetics. Many of us do it and hide it. That’s human nature. Until 10 people you admire come out and say, ya I do that too, most people will stay silent. I totally respect being discrete, but the issues arise because we are all setting a standard and an aesthetic that is unrealistic, especially for young men and women. The less stigma and more honest we can be about achievable, natural and healthy goals, the better we will be as an industry.

6. Our focus is truly on creating minimalist results IRL, not just what looks good on the gram. Although we are 100% stigma-free and respect our clients owning their beauty their way, we do focus on creating the most natural results possible with focus on subtle enhancements and preserving natural features. Beautiful before, Beautiful after.

I could go on forever about what makes us unique and amazing but I’ll let you decide for yourself during your FREE half-hour consult with us <3

What’s your favourite self-care ritual?

Well it’s no secret I’m a bit of an endorphin junkie at the gym. Fitness is a huge part of my everyday and has helped me in many aspects of my life. I think self-care can seem super elusive and complicated when it doesn’t have to be. I see any moment of my day that gives me that good fuzzy feeling from getting my favourite latte, FaceTiming with a friend, taking a bath or cuddling with my puppy as self-care. I can tell you that feeling is amplified by about 100X when my botulinum toxin treatment has kicked in or my post micro needling glow is peaking :)

What’s one thing you wish everyone knew about cosmetic injectables?

  1. You would be shocked at how many people indulge in them- even those you wouldn’t necessarily pick out of crowd. This speaks to how natural, subtle but still impactful the results can be.

  2. They are not as scary as they seem - with the right injector. Bring your BFF and make a self-care day of it. When you see the tiny little baby needles we use you’ll be laughing at yourself!

  3. That’s not to say these aren’t medical procedures. They absolutely are and they come with real medical risks. Make sure you are choosing a qualified and experienced health care provider when it comes to injectables.

That’s way more more than one thing already! Come with your list of questions to your FREE consultation.

Kassandra Dicosola, RN

Nurse Injector

What makes MBD different?

No one should ever leave a consult feeling worse than how they felt walking in. At My Beauty Doctor, we want you to own your beauty; less is more in the eyes of the MBD team. Every client is beautiful inside and out, we are here to empower them by enhancing their natural features. At MBD we are trying to breakdown the stigma surrounding medical aesthetics. Years ago, people would lie about coloring their hair because it created this image that they were “fake”. We have come so far from this past, and at MBD we want to eliminate the taboo around injectables.

What’s your favorite self-care ritual?

I absolutely love to bake - specifically chocolate chip cookies. I am always on the hunt for the next “big” cookie recipe, whether that’s substituting AP Flour with spelt, or browning my butter instead of whipping it. I always have at least two different batches of cookie dough sitting in my freezer. My favourite part about baking is watching others indulge and enjoy my recipes. There is something truly therapeutic about mixing various ingredients together to create something so magnificent, and delicious! Nothing can make my day better than eating a chocolate chip cookie fresh out the oven with a nice glass of milk.

What’s one thing you wish everyone knew about cosmetic injectables?

Firstly, you would be so surprised by how many people receive injectables these days! There is a huge stigma surrounding medical injectables, people being afraid that they will end up looking like a different person. Botulinum toxin and fillers are a gift created by the anti-aging gods and at MBD we take baby steps with our clients, to create natural and subtle results. Botulinum toxin and fillers can truly turn back the clock and rejuvenate one’s face without needing surgery. Recently, there has been a huge surge in the number of millennials diving into injectables, this is because Botulinum toxin is a fantastic anti-aging treatment as it prevents the formation of wrinkles.

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